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Bridle Bits


                      Civil War Era Cavalry Bit - Period Correct

                                                 Product No. 8101

      These are high quality period correct reproduction cavalry bits (1840's
      to 1870).  They have a 5" standard width (mouth) between cheek
      shanks.  It is black metal with brass (no rust) US emblems on each
      side.  For Confederate use, the US brass emblems can be easily removed
      Choice of black metal curb chain (period correct) or Stainless Steel. 
      Curb chains are adjustable.  Note:  Unlike the original bits of the Civil
      War which required high ports for control of most of the green broke
      horse used during battles, these bits come with low ports for the comfort
      of our domesticated/fully broke horses while still gives you the control
      most riders prefer for normal use.  Easy maintenance with a little 
      vegetable oil rubbed over the bit after each use.

                                              Price:   89.00

                     Sweatwater Curved Shank Cavalry Bit

                                                  Product No.  8102

      These bits are stainless steel with a center 5" copper mouth with low
      port.  The bit is heavy duty and includes separate curb strap holes built
      into the cheekpiece separate from the bridle and reins holes.

                                                 Price:  $58.00



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