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Civil War Belts and Combos
Our Civil War and Western belts are made of high quality
9/10 oz. leather cut from full cowhide backs, then oiled with
just the right amount of Neatsfoot oil to allow for proper feel
and supple use.  These belts should last for a long time when
properly cleans and oiled on a yearly or as needed.  They are
made as close to period as possible.  We attempt to honor all special orders.

                                                       Gun Belt

                      Brown   No. 1153                                   Black  No. 1163

            Gun Belt in black or brown.  Will fit waist up to 48".  Waist size can be custom cut
            prior to shipping for no extra charge.  For waist sizes over 48" a charge of $8 will be
            applied.  Choice of US or CS buckle.  Please specify upon purchase.

                                           Price:  $36.00         

                                 Gun Belt for 2 Piece Belt Buckles

Brown   No. 1112                                        Black No. 1113
           Civil War Belt for 2 piece buckles.  Belt is field adjustable with a sliding J hook as 
          period belts.  Available in brown and black. Will fit waist up to 48".  For waist sizes
          over 48" a charge of $8 will be applied.  Please specify. 
Buckle is not included.

                                                                Price:  $38.00    

                                 Gun Belt with Flap Holster Combo Unit

                 Brown   No. 1151                                    Black  No. 1161

ivil War Belt includes full flap leather holster with choice of CS or US buckle.  
        All leather with brass buckle, rivets, and hardware.  Holster will fit all Remington
        and Colt Army and Navy revolvers with up to 8" barrel.  For waist sizes over 48"
        a charge of $8 will be applied.Available in Right and Left Hand Draw.  Also comes
        with a US or CS buckle.  Please specify upon purchase.

                                                            Price:  $68.00        

          Gun Belt and Sword Strap/Hangers Combo Unit

                                              Brown  No. 1156                                                 Black  No. 1166

           Civil War Sword Belt with saber straps/hangers.  Includes J hook, snaps to connect
         sword to straps
with choice of CS or US buckle.  All hardware is brass to eliminate rust.
         Available in Brown or Black leather.   For waist sizes over 48" a charge of $8 will be
         applied.  Please specify buckle preference upon purchase.
                                                                    Price:  $68.00  

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