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Blankets - Straps - Bedroll Harness

        Bedroll Harness

     Large bedroll harness for cavalry, Civil War, cowboy
    bedrolls with and without the mattress.  Brass buckles
    and D rings.  Looped straps and D rings make it easy
    to attach to saddle or pack horse/mule.  Straps are 46"
    long, 1" wide, and handle separates them 20".   
    Available in black and brown.

     Black No.  2110              Brown  No.  2111   

Price:  $54.00

                                                                Blanket Strap Unit 



               Black No. 2112                                                                 Brown  No. 2114
          Blanket strap unit with handle for individual carry of blanket around waist or over the shoulder with
          optional shoulder strap.   Unit has belt loops and D rings to attach a shoulder strap.  All brass buckles
          and D rings.  Optional shoulder strap is 50" and adjustable.  (Blanket not included)

                                             Price:  $30.00  (without shoulder strap)
                                                  Price:  $46.50  (with optional shoulder strap included)


        Blanket/Utility Straps

      Blanket or utility straps.  Each strap is 26"
      long and has a loop  for a belt or shoulder
      strap.  All brass buckles.  Can fold blanket 
      length ways and tie ends for wearing blanket
      over the shoulder.  
Also available in BROWN.

      Black No. 2113         Brown No. 2115    
            Price:  $21.50


                                                          Blanket - Grey Wool

Blend 85% wool 

  Measures 60" x 84"
        No. 1200
                                                        Price:  $68.00

              COMING                   Blanket - Dark Plaid 
          SOON                      Blanket - measures 60" x 84".


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