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     All our Civil War and western leather tack and cavalry products are produced from 11/13 oz.
     bridle leather and are carefully oiled to get the best feel and supple movement for its individual
     use for long lasting durability.  All hardware used on our tack and cavalry items is solid brass
     so as not to rust over time.  We provide a 100% customer satisfaction warranty and all items are
     made in the U.S.A.


                        Civil War/Western Bridle/Halter Combo




                 Black  No. 1401                                           Brown No. 1402

         This unit is made of high quality harness leather.  It has removable bit straps to 
        remove bit and use just as a halter when not riding.  Unit has brow and top nose
        band.  All hardware items are brass.  Includes brass US or CS rosettes and 7' reins
        (reins not shown).  Black or Brown in color.   (Please specify color and rosettes upon
        placing order)

Price:  $126.00


                       Civil War Breast Collar





                   Black  No. 1403                                            Brown No. 1404

          Comes with brass heart Martingale.  Heavy duty saddle leather grade harness leather.
          All hardware are brass - no rust.  Available in brown and black.  (Please specify)

                                                 Price:  $110.00


                                                               Riffle Scabbard          

                  Black  No. 7001                                     Brown/Russet No. 7002

         Rifle Scabbard made from 10/12 oz. quality grade bridle leather with front
         and back straps.  All buckles are brass.  Rivets are all solid brass.

                                                                Price:  $129.00

          Double Barrel 20" (Coach)Shotgun Scabbard  


                      Black No. 7005                                 Brown/Russet No. 7006

Shotgun scabbard is made from 10/12 oz. quality grade bridle leather with two (2) 
         saddle straps.  All buckles are brass.  Rivets are all solid brass or copper.

                                                                Price:  $169.00

                                                     Saddle Valise (bag)



                  Black No. 7011                                        Brown No.  7012

       Civil War or Western leather Valice which fits on back of saddle.  Can be used
      for other purposes as well.  Approx. 16" wide and 6" deep.  The unit is made
      of 9/11 oz. bridle leather with loops at each end for securing to saddle.  All
      hardware is solid brass - no rust.

                                                               Price: $98.00

                        Saddle Canteen Strap

                    Black No. 7015                                        Brown No.  7016

           Saddle canteen strap 3/4" wide and 46" long with brass buckle and
        saddle ring snap.

                                                          Price: $29.50


   Leather Saddle Straps

  These straps are 28" long
   and 5/8 to 3/4" wide and
   will fit 
McClellan Saddle
   strap holes.  The buckles
   are solid brass so no rusting
   of the buckles.  Sold in sets
   of 3 per pack.

           Price: $24.00
            (per set of 3 straps)

      Black No. 7021                                                                              Brown No. 7022


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